Statistical Packages: R, S-Plus, extensive use of C and Fortran statistical libraries.
Languages: C, C++, Python, Java, Unix shell scripts, MPI parallel processing library.
Applications: LATEX, Oracle 10g including (APEX), Windows databases, spreadsheets and presentations.
Web Technology: Mongodb, AngularJS, NodeJS and Javascript based framework
Operating Systems and Virtual Machine: Free BSD, Mac OSX, Ubuntu, Windows, Docker

Applications Developed:
Algorithms and Softwares developed: Open source
MADMAX: An Oracle based data mining software for microarray data ( (2006-present)

A package implemented in R for optimization and visualization of metabolic fluxes using hypergraph framework Available on: ( )(2009-present)

Temporal graphical models for building networks for modeling time series -omics data (2006- present)
Incorporating pathway knowledge from KEGG to reconstruct metabolomics network using constraint based approach (2007-present)<

Fishers Exact Test- Implemented in Visual Basic (2003)
Algorithms developed : Proprietary
Developed data mining approach to predict bacterial diversity among infants
Developed customised classification technique to identify allergy causing proteins among infants
Developed constraint based Bayesian network algorithm to predict ripening of fresh tomatoes  Plant Research International (PRI)

Developed supervised learning algorithm to predict metastasis of Breast and Colon Cancer patients

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