Welcome to my website. My name is Anand Gavai and I am a bioinformatics scientist by profession. Most of my research is based on application of bioinformatics  in the domain of food and nutrition. This site attempts to show some of my work in the this domain along with my affiliations and collaborations. My research interests are concerned with Bayesian networks, data mining, modeling pathways, machine learning, probabilistic modeling using Bayesian framework and linear programming. Other areas of my research include systems biology a specialized branch of Bioinformatics, that  is getting popular lately as it plays a vital role in understanding how complex systems within human body function together. The hope is that understanding these systems would allow us to target a disease or medical condition more efficiently and effectively. To meet these goals, I have developed package called BiGGR in R and Bioconductor. Other profile: www.bif.wur.nl/UK/People/Anand+Gavai/ IN PRESS:

1. Stem Cell Report:

2.Latest interview Dutch Bioinformatics Magazine :http://www.nbic.nl/uploads/media/Interface_8_Special.pdf

3.News Item: http://www.nbic.nl/about-nbic/news-press/bioinformatics-news/detail/article/madmax-advanced-analysis-easy-to-use/

4. Interview Dutch Bioinformatics Magazine: http://www.nbic.nl/uploads/media/Interface4.pdf

5. Venture Challenge:http://www.nutrigenomicsconsortium.nl/news.html


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